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How to match character position if the camera is switched to another?

Latest Updated:08/01/2005


With UPD6466 or UPD6467 RGB-OSD IC, if the camera is switched to another, the character position changes slightly.
Is there any way to accurately match the character position?


- If each camera is in synchronization with the other
The character position will not change even if the channel is changed if an external clock synchronized with the horizontal sync signal is used as the dot clock of each device.
To input an external clock, set the dot clock control bit (OSC) to "1" by using the Initial Status Setting command.
Input the clock to the OSCIN pin and leave the OSCOUT pin open.
- If each camera is not synchronized with the other
A circuit that uses a PLL based on the horizontal sync signal by using VCXO, etc., for each channel and that adjusts the phase and frequency of the dot clock between channels with respect to the horizontal sync signal is required.
The circuit scale will increase.
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