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What are the difference among DIV0S, DIV0U, DIV1?

Latest Updated:03/23/2009


How different is it to the past divide instruction (DIV0S, DIV0U, DIV1) though two instructions of DIVS and DIVU are supported as a new instruction in SH-2A)?


The past division instruction supports one step division, and executes repeatedly in combination with shift instruction (ROTCL), and figures the quotient.

On the other hand, the DIVS and DIVU instruction supported with SH-2A are the instructions into which 32bit÷32bit is divided all at once.

When 32bit÷32bit is executed, it is possible to execute about half (The number of execution states is 36 states in case of the DIVS instruction) less than a past division instruction.

However, when the number of digits of divisors is 16 bits or less, the DIV1 instruction is high-speed more executable.

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