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Is it possible to provide the clock input to both LCD & USB Controller?

Latest Updated:03/24/2009


When the LCLK/UCLK/PTD[6] pin is selected as the LCLK(LCD Clock)/UCLK(USB Clock), is it possible to provide the clock input in this pin to both the LCD Controller and USB Function Controller?


Yes, it is possible.
However, the final clock frequency of the USB Clock needs to be set to 48MHz by setting the driver selection bit(USBDIVSEL[2:0]) in the EXCPGCR(EXCPG Control Register) so the clock frequency to be input should be 48 MHz. If those clock frequencies are inappropriate as the operating clock of the LCD Controller, please consider selecting the internal clock for either of the LCLK. As for the USB Clock, it is recommended that external clock should be used since SH7727 internal PLL frequency value may change.
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