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Can I rewrite initial value of transfer information and resume the DTC?

Latest Updated:03/21/2012


Is it possible to rewrite the initial value of the transfer information and resume the DTC when the DTC transfer count register A (CRA) is not set to 0?


To suspend a DTC transfer, clear the tartget DTC activation enable bit among registers DTCERA to DTCERE to 0. The DTC activating source to suspend is in the DTC activation enable bit. Then, update the transfer information to set the DTC activation enable bit.
If you do not clear the DTC activation enable bit to 0 and update the DTC vector table, the DTC does not read the updated data and the operation may continue in the old setting.
Suitable Products
SH7285, SH7286
SH7214, SH7216
SH7239, SH7237
SH7146, SH7149
SH7131, SH7132, SH7136, SH7137
SH7083, SH7084, SH7085, SH7086