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Differential Input Voltage of Delta Sigma Modulation

Last Updated:06/08/2017


In regards to the voltage input range of ΔΣ modulation, according to ”ΔΣA/D Transfer Characteristic” in the  “Electronics Characteristics” chapter, when the ΔΣA/D gain selection registers 0 to 3 (DSADGSR0 to 3) is GAIN selection bit x1, the spec of differential input voltage (ANDSiP - ANDSiN) is “-500mV to 500mV”. Does that mean the voltage input range of ANDSiP is -400mV≦ANDSiP≦600mV if ANDSiN is fixed to 0.1V?


No. The voltage input range of ANDSiP is -400mV≦ANDSiP≦500mV in the above case.
The input range may cause current flow or affect the accuracy depending on PGA configurations, so use it within the -500mV to 500mV range.
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