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Why does the E1 emulator won't start up on lower power supply voltage?

Latest Updated:08/08/2013


In a new application using the RL78/G13, I'm trying to use a lower power supply voltage than I had used in a previous application. However, the E1 emulator won't start up on this lower power supply voltage. Both the target and the E1 had been operating satisfactorily until now.


The cause is probably the reset of the RL78/G13 not being released, due to the LVD voltage set by the option byte of the RL78/G13 mounted on the target being higher than the new power supply voltage. Start up with the previous [higher] power supply voltage, and then either write content where the option byte has been changed to the "LVD off" setting, or write content where the detection voltage has been changed to lower than the new [lower] power supply voltage. (Or, you can erase the flash using a programmer.)
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