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Is it possible to use a value of -3mA with a supply voltage of 5V?

Latest Updated:12/01/2011


The H level output current (pin 1) is -10mA for the absolute maximum rating and -1mA (MAX) for the DC characteristics.
I would like to use a value of -3mA with a supply voltage of 5V.
Would this be a problem?

Also, why are the MAX values for the absolute maximum ratings and DC characteristics so extremely far apart?


Using a value of -3mA with a supply voltage of 5 V would be a problem.
This operation is not guaranteed.

The difference between the absolute maximum ratings and the DC characteristics is due to the large variation between devices.

Levels that risk causing permanent damage (destruction) to the device and levels at which the device can actually be used (guarantee of characteristics) naturally differ.

The absolute maximum ratings are determined by several factors including the physical size of internal transistors and wiring.

On the other hand, the characteristics of semiconductor products widely differ according to manufacturing variations and usage conditions.
Manufacturing variations are particularly large.
Therefore, there is a big difference between the values that can be guaranteed as characteristics and the absolute maximum ratings.

Taking the example presented in your question, there is no guarantee that a current up to -10mA will flow.
As a device, the operation is guaranteed only up to -1mA.
Therefore, please use a current of less than -1mA.
Suitable Products
RL78 Family
78K Family