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About factors for DTC not starting operation

Last Updated:01/16/2018


Is there any possibility that the DTC will not start operation even if a DTC activation source is generated?


The DTC will not be activated immediately after the following "DTC pending instructions" and the activation sources will be put on hold.
For example, when a program code, such as "while (1){}", is used, unconditional branch (BR) instructions in assembly language are continuously executed.
Consequently, the DTC activation sources are put on hold. To avoid this, insert an instruction (e.g. a NOP instruction, other than one of the DTC pending instructions) into "{}" of "while (1){}".
[DTC pending instruction]
 - Call/return instruction
 - Unconditional branch instruction
 - Conditional branch instruction
 - Read access instruction to the code flash memory
 - Bit manipulation instructions for IFxx, MKxx, PRxx, and PSW, and an 8-bit manipulation instruction that has the ES register as operand
 - Instruction for accessing the data flash memory
 - PREFIX instruction
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