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Restoring Smart Browser documents after updating e² studio

Latest Updated:12/06/2016


How do I restore Smart Browser documents which have disappeared after updating e2 studio?


For e² studio V4.3.1, V5.0.1 or later:

Step 1: Please click the triangle button ("View Menu" button) to open the menu

Step 2: Choose "Import downloaded documents into the internal folder...".

Step 3: In the "Browse folder" dialog, please specify the old e² studio installation folder and press OK.

Downloaded smart browser files will be imported to the new e² studio installation folder and available in the new environment.

For prior to e² studio V4.3.1 or e² studio V5.0.0, Smart Browser document import is not available.
Please copy Smart Browser files located at <finstallation folder>\internal\SmartBrowser into the correspoinding path of the new e² studio .
Launch the new e² studio and press Reflesh button of Smart Browser view.  "Downloaded" marks will appear and those documents will get available in the new environment.

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