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Inline assembler codes are warned_e² studio

Last Updated:02/21/2018


Even with no build errors, some error markers remain on inline assembler lines. How can they be removed?


If no build errors are shown at project build, then the warnings likely to be false alarms from the Code Analysis (Codan) feature of CDT editor.

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Codan checks for ANSI-C syntax rules; however, compiler dependent expressions, such as inline assembler descriptions or predefined symbols which are not declared in header files, can be warned. 

When the build successful,Provided that the build is successful, you can disregard those warnings. Revision of your codes is not necessary.

You could suppress Codan warnings by enclosing inline assembler lines in the #ifndef __CDT_PARSER__ block, as stated in the following FAQ page.

How to suppress "Type '***' could not be resolved" code analysis error?

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