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Debug GNU ARM Embedded toolchain project in e² studio

Last Updated:08/24/2017


I created "Hello World GNU ARM Embedded C Project" for an RZ device, but it does not work. How do I make it work?


Newly-created GNU ARM Embedded toolchain projects, "Hello World GNU ARM Embedded C Project", do not have "startup code" which is necessary to initialize the target device. 
On the other hand, GNUARM-NONE-EABI toolchain executable projects have startup code which is compatible with GNU ARM Embedded toolchain projects.
To use the startup code with GNU ARM Embedded toolchain projects, first generate (or import) an executable project for GNUARM-NONE-EABI toolchain, and then convert it to an GNU ARM Embedded toolchain project.
This conversion feature is implemented as a part of project import.
For more details, see "KPIT GNUARM to GCC ARM Embedded project import" in e2 studio Help.

Note 1: GNUARM-NONE-EABI toolchain is needed to create a new project, but it is not necessary for the conversion.
Note 2: GNU ARM Embedded toolchain should be installed and integrated before using project conversion.
Note 3: A warning message might appear if no linker script is found in the original project.
Linker script may automatically be generated in a build process. Therefore, build the original project before conversion.
Note 4: Some errors can be seen in converted projects. Check the conversion user guide and related FAQs for solutions.

Suitable Products
e² studio
RZ Family