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List of know-how when using E1/E20 emulator in HEW environment

Last Updated:04/26/2017


List of know-how when using the E1/E20 emulator in the High-performance Embedded Workshop environment


Helpful information for using the E1/E20 emulator in the High-performance Embedded Workshop environment is listed below.
If you are facing any trouble, the FAQ portal sites for troubleshooting or error message are available.

Category Suitable Emulator Suitable
Description FAQ NO.
Basic Information/

E1/E20 RX It is my first time to develop an application using RX family MCUs with E1/E20 emulator and the High-performance Embedded Workshop.
Can you tell me which documents will help me? Are there any information as references?
Target board Design/
E1/E20 RX About wiring connection during debugging via the FINE connection.
Can pins to which trace facilities are assigned be used for other facilities?
Programming Functions E1/E20 RX How to read out the content written into the internal flash memory.
RX, R8C What are the differences in checksum calculation functions between the High-performance Embedded Workshop environment with the emulator E1, E20 or E8a and the Flash Development Tool Kit(FDT) environment?
How do you calculate the checksum in the "Writing the on-chip flash memory" mode when using the E1/E20 emulator in the High-performance Embedded Workshop (HEW)?
Although the E1 and E20 emulator have programming functions to external flash memory and internal flash memory, are there any differences between these functions and programming functions to flash memory with the Flash Development Toolkit?
Advanced Usages E1/E20 RX How to download programs and data to the flash memory connected to the external bus.
RX, R8C How can I set the offset to download an absolute file (*.abs) in High-performance Embedded Workshop when the debugger is connected?
Migration to CubeSuite+ and E1/E20 E1/E20 R8C I am using a development environment that is for the R8C family MCU and uses the E8a and High-performance Embedded Workshop.
If the emulator is changed to E1 or E20, can I use the development environment for the R8C family used in E8a without change?
E1/E20 RX, R8C Can I debug the pin functions whose user port is multiplexed with the microcontroller pins used for communication with the on-chip debugging emulator (hereafter referred to as OCD)? (These multiplexed pin functions are hereafter referred to as pin functions.)
Suitable Products
High-performance Embedded Workshop
E1 [R0E000010KCE00]
E20 [R0E000200KCT00]