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How to use STKViewer and MAPViewer created HEW V.4 or V.3?

Latest Updated:04/11/2012


How can I use STKViewer and MAPViewer from an M32R, M32C, or M16C project created in High-performance Embedded Workshop V.4 or V.3?


From the menu, click [Setup] → [Customize...](*). In the customize dialog box menu, click the [Add] button to display the [Add Tool] dialog.

(*)High-performance Embedded Workshop V.4.00.00 and earlier versions: select [Tool] → [Customize...] to open the customize dialog box.

Specify the following items in the add dialog.

  • To use STKViewer (example):
    Name STKViewer
    (any name is acceptable)
    Command C:\MTOOL\BIN\stkviewer\jre\1.2\bin\javaw.exe
    (Specify the javaw.exe in the compiler install directory)
    Argument -Xmx600m -jar C:\MTOOL\BIN\StkViewer.jar -x $(CONFIGDIR)\$(PROJECTNAME).x30
    (Specify the stkviewer.jar in the compiler install directory)
    Default Directory $(CONFIGDIR)

  • To use MAPViewer (example)
    Name MAPViewer
    (any name is acceptable)
    Command C:\MTOOL\BIN\MapViewer.exe
    (Specify the mapviewer.exe in the compiler install directory)
    Argument $(CONFIGDIR)\$(PROJECTNAME).x30
    Default Directory $(CONFIGDIR)
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