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Product Supply / Extended Life Cycle

Last Updated: 06/30/2016


How can you help me mitigate product supply risks over the short and long term?


Renesas offers two programs to mitigate short term and long term supply risks respectively. Many devices participate in both initiatives.
Star Products

In response to customers interested to know which MCU products are the most popular and therefore likely to have the shortest lead times, we have identified them using the star product logo. Please refer to the Star Product program page for more information and to find participating products.


Longevity Program

To support designs with long production lifetimes, Renesas has introduced the Product Longevity Program (PLP). These specific devices identified by the long.jpg logo are expected to be in production for up to 20 years . Please refer to the Product Longevity Program (PLP) page for more information and to find participating products.


A given part number's status with respect to these two programs is easily found by conducting a search for the part number. For example: