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What are the avalanche current and energy values for the 2SK1305?

Latest Updated:09/02/2013


There is no mention of avalanche current and energy for the 2SK1305. What are their values? If there are no specified values, please tell me how to design against surges.


The 2SK1305 is not an avalanche resistance guaranteed product, and thus there are no specified values for the characteristics in question. A substitute/equivalent product is the H7N1005FM, which is an avalanche resistance guaranteed product. Avalanche destruction is a phenomenon in which a flyback voltage generated when dielectric load switching operation is turned off, or a spike voltage due to leakage inductance, exceeds the power MOSFET's drain to source rated voltage, enters into in a destruction area, and causes destruction. When considering a product that does not have guaranteed avalanche resistance, please consider the spike voltage that will be produced by the circuit and choose a product that has a rated voltage with sufficient margin for the spike voltage. Related information is shown on pages 20-22 of an application note (REJ05G0001-0200). Please refer to it.
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