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How are 3-pin regulator (series regulator) named?

Latest Updated:04/01/2008


How are 3-pin regulator (series regulator) named?


Their names have the following features to express the characteristics and performance of the 3-pin regulators (with some exceptions such as the uPC305, uPC317, and uPC337, which are not named in accordance with the following description).

A list of currently mass-produced products is shown on the following Web page.

An example of the uPD121W33AT1F-E1-AT is given below.

Family type

Part number


Package type

Taping packing
Lead free
uPD 121W33 A T1F -E1 -AT

uPC Bipolar type
uPD MOS type

The part number expresses the features and performance of the 3-pin regulators, as follows.


Series Name Features
uPC78 Standard type
uPC79 Standard type
uPC35 Standard type
uPC24 Low-saturation type
uPC29 Low-saturation type
uPC29S Low-saturation type, ON/OFF function
uPC30 Low-saturation type, ON/OFF function
uPC35 Standard type
uPC37 Low-saturation type, 2-output
uPD120 Low-saturation type, CMOS (low voltage, low power consumption)
uPD121 Low-saturation type, CMOS (low voltage, low power consumption),
ON/OFF function
(Some products have been discontinued. Consult a Renesas Electronics distributor or sales representative for details.)



Symbol Maximum Output Current (Io max.)
L 0.1 A
N 0.3 A
M 0.5 A
None 1.0 A
W 1.5 A
A 2.0 A



No. Output Voltage (Vo typ.)
00 Variable voltage
04 4.0 V
05 5.0 V
08 8.0 V
09 9.0 V
10 10.0 V or 1.0 V
12 12.0 V
15 15.0 V or 1.5 V
18 18.0 V or 1.8 V
24 24.0 V
25 2.5 V
33 3.3 V
78 7.8 V
93 9.3 V
The output voltage of a product for negative voltage (such as the uPD79 series) is negative.

Chip revision No. One alphabetic character indicates the revision, in alphabetical order, of the chip.
This symbol is not shown for the first edition of the product (without revision).

Unlike the symbol of the other general ICs, the symbol indicating the package type of the 3-pin regulator is as follows.

Symbol Package Type
H TO-220 or
TO-126 (MP-5 or 4-pin MP-5)*
HB TO-251 (MP-3 or SC-99*)
HF TO-220 insulation type (MP-45G)
J TO-92
T TO-252 (MP-3Z)
or SOT-89 (SC-62)*
TA SOT-457 (SC-74A)
TJ TO-252 (SC-98)
T1B SOT-89 (SC-62)
T1D TO-252 (MP-3Z or MP-32ZK*)
or TO-220 insulation type (MP-45G)*
T1F TO-252 (5pinMP-3ZK)
C DIP-8 (8pin)
GR or G2 SOP-8 (8pin, 225mil)
* Differs depending on the product. See the Data Sheet or the following Web page for details.

For details of the package, see the following Web page (Package Information of Discrete Products).

Pin insertion
Surface mount

For the meaning of the symbol of taping packing, see the following Web page.

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