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How do two types on-state resistances shown in PS7160-1A Data differ?

Latest Updated:02/01/2008


Two types of on-state resistances are shown in the electrical specifications of the PS7160-1A Data Sheet. How do they differ?

[Example of PS7160-1A]


A product with a high on-state resistance has a tendency whereby the on-state resistance decreases when the load current (IL) is large. Therefore, the on-state resistance is defined under two conditions: in a low current region and a high current region.

The on-state resistance of the PS7160-1A in the low current region (condition: IL = 10 mA) is defined as Ron1 and the on-state resistance in the high current region (condition: IL = 90 mA, 10 ms ≥ t) is defined as Ron2.

For details, see "Explanation of optical-coupled MOS FET (OCMOS FET) Specifications — "ON" state Resistance: Ron (Ω)".
Suitable Products
CMOS comparators
bipolar comparators
Solid State Relays (OCMOS FETs)