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What overcurrent restriction circuit shut down and operation area?

Latest Updated:02/01/2007


3-pin regulator: The overcurrent restriction circuit, thermal shut down circuit, and stable operation area restriction circuit are described in the UPC29M10T Data Sheet, but is a shutdown function for circuit protection not provided?
Also, does only the overcurrent restriction circuit operate in the output shorted state?

[UPC29M00 Series Block Diagram]


A protection circuit that completely nullifies the output current (shutdown function) is not incorporated (refer to the Vo-Io characteristic in the data sheet: A fold-back type drooping load characteristic can be verified, and a slight output current flows even when the output voltage is 0 V.)

[Vo-Io Characteristic: UPC29M03]

When an output shorts, the overcurrent restriction circuit operates, and if no measure is taken, the overheating protection circuit, stable operation area restriction circuit, etc., begin operating as the temperature rises. For this reason, it cannot be said that "only the overcurrent restriction circuit operates in the output shorted state."

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