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How to find the version of the Synergy tools

Latest Updated:10/13/2016


You can find out the version of e2 studio and the Synergy Software Package you are using by following the steps given below.


  1. Start e2 studio
  2. During the initialization of e2 studio the start window will display the version of e2 studio similar to the window shown below.


  1. Create a new Synergy Project using a temporary project name (you can discard the project if you want once you are done).
  2. The Project Configuration window will open and the SSP version is displayed in the upper left, similarly to the image below. You can select the pull down menu next to the SSP version number to see all the available SSP versions for your installation.


  1. You can hit cancel to discard the temporary project or continue if you want to start a real design.
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