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Renesas Synergy Software

Latest Updated:07/18/2016
Renesas Synergy Software
Renesas Synergy Software builds on the solid foundation of Synergy MCUs to dramatically speed development. You will find links to all available software User's Manuals and other similar information here.

Renesas is the first major MCU supplier to bundle together commercially a qualified software package specifically developed and optimized for a family of scalable MCU devices that is warranted by Renesas to operate within the specifications of a published software datasheet. This software package is designed such that embedded system developers can immediately begin writing their application code at the API level.

The Renesas Synergy™Platform Software offering includes the following key components-

  • Synergy Software Package (SSP): The Renesas SSP provides an innovative approach to developing software for embedded systems and IoT applications. With the SSP, Renesas has built a new and extremely powerful software interface from the ground up to make coding on the Synergy Platform the fastest and most robust in the embedded world. With this software, designers can jump immediately into creating differentiated application code instead of spending months developing baseline system code at the hardware level.
  • Qualified Software Add-ons (QSA): To augment the SSP with software functionality such as specialized connectivity stacks, security services, or control algorithms, QSA software components are sold separately and serviced by Renesas through the Synergy Gallery. 
  • Verified Software Add-ons (VSA): VSA software components are sold and serviced by third parties as part of the Synergy ecosystem available through the Renesas Synergy Gallery.  These VSA software components expand the capabilities of the SSP into specialized functions, tapping into the vast array of technologies made available by third-party VSA suppliers.  


The following resources are available to help you learn more about the ground breaking capabilities of the Renesas Synergy Platform Software offering:

SSP related documentation can be found on the SSP Gallery page in the documentation tab:


SSP documentation includes the SSP User's Manual, Data Sheet and Release notes as well as  manuals for each of the ThreadX components (NetX, FileX GUIX, etc).


Additional Material is located on the Renesas web site under the documentation tab from this web page:


SSP documentation located here includes info papers and application notes.