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r_flash_lp and r_flash_hp Module Guide Resources

Last Updated:05/24/2017


Where can I find the references to module guide resources for the Flash module on r_flash_lp and r_flash_hp?


Information on the module guide itself and the associated resources and known issues are available here.


There are two separate Flash modules: r_flash_lp and r_flash_hp. The High-Performance Flash module (Flash_HP) is the API used for programming the S7G2 and S5D9 parts. The Low-Power Flash module (Flash_LP) is the API used for programming the S3A7 and S124 MCUs. The two are not interchangeable, although the APIs and other features of the modules are very similar. This guide covers the operation of both of these HAL modules. A user-defined callback can be created to signal the completion of non-blocking data flash operations.

The Flash HAL modules support the following features:

  • Support for block erasing, reading, writing and blank checking of ROM flash
  • Support for both blocking and non-blocking erasing, reading, writing and blank checking of Data and Code flash
  • Support for callback functions for completion of non-blocking data flash operations
  • Support for Access window (write protection) for ROM Flash allowing only specified areas of code flash to be erased or written
  • Support for boot block swapping which allows safe re-writing of the startup program without first erasing it

Module Guide

The Flash HAL module guide is targeted for SSP 1.2.0 and the SK-S7G2 Kit.

The most recent versions of the Flash HAL module guide application note, application project and import guide are available here

Module Guide Resources

The following Flash related application projects are available from the Synergy Gallery. You can find them in the zip file located on the right side of the page here

  • e2 studio ISDE: Downloading to External Flash Memory with SSP 1.2.0 (QSPI)

The following application projects are available from the Renesas web site at the referenced url.

  • Renesas Synergy™ Platform Access to External Flash Memory in Renesas Synergy™ Development Environments  here.
  • The Flash HAL module is used in the Developer Examples available as a template when a project is created in SSP for the DK-S7G2. You can find a Knowledge Base article that describes the Developer Examples and how to create a project using the template here.

Known issues

  • Refer to the most recent release notes for known issues, available here.
Suitable Products
Flash HAL module on r_flash_lp, r_flash_hp (SSP 1.2.0)