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Where can I find the Developer Examples for Synergy kits?

Last Updated:05/15/2017


Where can I find the Developer Examples for Synergy Kits?


The Developer Examples are available from the Renesas website at this location: here. The examples are grouped by major function- transfer, timers, storage, services, NetX, etc. Simply download, unzip and select the examples you are interested in. 

The Developer Examples projects illustrate the use of common APIs for several SSP Modules and Frameworks (SPI, I2C, Audio, Communications, Console, etc). The projects use a Console Terminal menu to access and exercise the various example functions. Think of it as a 'test bench' you can use to exercise individual modules and their associated APIs. For example, you can use it to send or receive data over a serial communications interface, use timers in common operation modes, access on-board QSPI memory, and operate the RTC.  This is an excellent project to learn from and to use before creating your own project.

As of the posting date of this article, these examples target both SSP 1.3.0 and 1.2.0.

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