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What settings should I use for my USB connection on the various Synergy kits and MCU?

Latest Updated:10/18/2016


What USB connections should I use for my Synergy kits and MCUs?


Here are some guidelines for selecting your USB connections: USBHS (high speed) only on S7 and S5.

USBFS (full speed) on all Synergy devices. On all S7 kits, the device interrupt is hard wired to the USBFS controller, so you need to enable the USBFS interrupt.

If you are using a host stack,(like the HID mass storage function), you should enable the USBHS interrupt.

All other settings can be left as defaults. On the S1 you can set memory to just 4K since it is running a smaller version of the USB stack (since host mode is not supported).

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