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NetX DNS Client Module Guide Resources

Last Updated:03/02/2018


Where can I find the references to module guide resources for the Express Logic NetX™ and NetX™ Duo DNS Client module?


Information on the module guide itself and the associated resources and known issues are available here.


The Domain Name System (DNS) provides a distributed database that contains mapping between domain names and physical IP addresses. The database is referred to as “distributed” because there is no single entity on the Internet that contains the complete mapping. An entity that maintains a portion of the mapping is called a DNS server. The Internet is composed of numerous DNS servers, each of which contains a subset of the database. DNS servers also respond to DNS client requests for domain name mapping information, only if the server has the requested mapping. The DNS client protocol for NetX and NetX Duo provides the application with services to request mapping information from one or more DNS Servers.

Note: Except where noted, the NetX Duo DNS Client is identical in application set-up and running DNS queries as the NetX DNS Client. For setting up the IP instance for IPv6 in NetX Duo, please refer to the NetX Duo User Guide for the Renesas Synergy™ Platform..

The module supports the following features:

  • Optional creation of separate packet pool for DNS operations
  • Support of Type A, AAAA, and NS DNS queries
  • Support of CNAME, SRV, TXT, SOA, and MX DNS resource types
  • Support for DNS cache for storing and retrieving cached DNS data
  • High-level APIs for
    • Name and IP address lookup
    • Adding and removing DNS servers
    • Creating and deleting the DNS instance
  • NetX DNS is compliant with the following RFCs:
    • RFC1034 Domain Names – Concepts And Facilities
    • RFC1035 Domain Names — Implementation And Specification
    • RFC1480 The US Domain
    • RFC 2782 A DNS RR for specifying the location of services (DNS SRV)
    • RFC 3596 DNS Extensions to Support IP Version 6

Module Guide

The module guide is targeted for SSP 1.2.0 and above and the SK-S7G2 Kit.

The most recent versions of the module guide application note, application project and import guide are available here.

Module Guide Resources

The Express Logic User Manual for the NetX and NetX Duo DNS Server is available from the X-Ware Component Documents for Renesas Synergy zip file located at the bottom of the web page here.

Additional DNS related application projects include:

  • Getting Started with NetX DUO DNS- Application Project here.
  • NetX DNS: Getting Started Guide- Application Project here.

Many NetX and NetX Duo related application projects are available from the Renesas web site. A few examples are listed below.

  • NetX™ Duo DHCP Client Module Guide- Application Project here.
  • NetX™ Duo FTP Server Module Guide- Application Project here.
  • NetX™ Duo NAT Module Guide- Application Project here.
  • NetX™ and NetX™ Duo Auto IP Module Guide- Application Project here.

To find ALL available NetX related module guides, simply search for "NetX Module Guide Synergy" on the Renesas web site search bar, and specify Application Notes in the document type Search Results filter, like this.

You can similarly search for Net Duo related module guides, like this.

Known issues

  • Refer to the SSP release notes for known issues, available here.
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