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How to get I-Jet working with a Synergy kit

Latest Updated:09/16/2016


Explains how to get I_Jet working on a Synergy Kit.


After completing this how-to you will be able to get I-Jet working on your Synergy Kit.


You will need to have SSP and e2 studio (or IAR EW for Renesas Synergy) loaded on your computer. You should also have verified the installation is working by running one of the example designs (like Threaded Blinky) on your set-up. You will also need a Synergy kit to download and test the example CPU load design.


Follow the set-up for your kit.
The follow the attached preliminary I-Jet Settings Guide. It is a fairly comprehensive guide to the IAR I-Jet debugger. It includes a guide to connecting I-Jet to your kit, configuring the debugger and what to do in the most common situations when things are not working as you expect (a simple to follow check list).
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