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How much time, budget and manpower can users save by developing IoT applications with the Synergy Platform?

Latest Updated:10/04/2016


How much time will I save using the Synergy Platform for my IoT development project?


The actual savings will vary with each project, but Renesas believes the Renesas Synergy Platform can provide significant savings in time, budget and manpower resources in the following areas:

  • Software - There is no need to purchase third party commercial RTOS, communication stacks (TCP/IP, USB), file systems, graphic user interfaces (GUI) and their associated development tools since they are included in the Renesas Synergy Platform.
  • Support – Customers don't need to purchase service or maintenance contracts since Renesas will warrantee the specification, provide regular feature upgrades and address all product questions through our global sales support organization.
  • Integration – As the Renesas Synergy Platform is fully-integrated as opposed to a set of separately sourced software and hardware components, Renesas is responsible for testing and qualifying the interoperability of the platform with our verified third-party suppliers against a written specification.  This will reduce the cost and time overhead required to manage relationships with different hardware and software component vendors.