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How is the drive strength of IOs set in the Synergy Platform?

Latest Updated:10/04/2016


How is the drive strength of IO pins set in the Synergy Platform?


In the Dec 15th release of the Synergy Software Platform (beta-3) you should manually configure IOs with the proper drive strength, per peripheral, as defined by the silicon User's Manual in the DC electrical specification section. You do this within SSP using the Pin Configuration menu by selecting the desired Drive Capacity as shown in the figure below.


NOTE: Setting the correct drive strength is important for the proper operation of many peripherals like external memory (SDRAM), quad SPI flash (QSPI), various trigger timing (PEOG, GPT32, AGT, KINT, ADC), serial communications interface (SCI), Ethernet (ETHERC), Graphics (LCD), and SD/MMC