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How do I set up multiple pin configurations for SSP designs?

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How do I set up multiple pin configurations for my SSP designs?


In SSP 1.1.0 you can now specify multiple pin configurations. This can be particularly useful in a low power mode, where you might want different pin configurations- turning on or off specific IOs. For example, you can have 3 different .pincfg files in your project, one that will generate the data for g_bsp_pin_cfg, one that will generate the data for g_sleep_pin_cfg and the last will generate the data for g_wakeup_pin_cfg. During the startup of the device, the BSP will use g_bsp_pin_cfg for the power on pin config. The power profile can be set up to use g_sleep_pin_cfg when going to sleep, and then use g_wakeup_pin_cfg for the pin configuration on the wakeup from the low power mode. Then pin configuration can be whatever you want (e.g. all inputs when in low power mode). You use the pin configurator to set up the different pin configs. The image below shows the Power On configuration.

 The power profile shown in the picture below, includes wake-up and sleep configurations in the Properties window. These configurations are shown in the pictures just below the power profile picture.

Power Profile




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