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How do I get the weather panel template to work on the PE-HMI kit with the SSP 1.0.0 release?

Latest Updated:09/19/2016


How do I get the Weather Panel Template to work on the PE-HMI kit in the SSP 1.0.0 Release?


When you create a project for the Synergy PE-HMI kit Weather Panel Template you will find an error that show up in the Threads Tab regarding the D/AVE 2D Port as seen in the below screen shot.


The Threads error can be ignored. It is complaining about the D/AVE2D Hardware driver. It is actually available already, but just in the components tab, so the software generates the complaint. No fix is required.

You do need to fix another issue however or you will get a compile error. You need to replace GX_TICKS_SECONDS with 20 in the hmi_event_handler.c file (you can see the path in the file window in the middle left of the above screen shot). Once you do, the program will compile with no errors, as you can see in the bottom right of the above screen shot.