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How do I enable TraceX in SSP?

Last Updated: 04/13/2016


How do I enable TraceX in SSP?


To get TraceX working in your SSP project follow the below steps.

1. Install TraceX on the PC
2. In e2 studio go to Window->PreferencesC/C++->Renesas->TraceX, and fill in the TraceX path

3. To enable TraxeX in ThreadX you need to add ThreadX source to the project (is SSP 1.0.0, in HAL/Common add "new->framework->RTOS->ThreadX Source"), then in the properties for ThreadX source, enable Event Trace as seen below:

4. Then, when you have enabled TraceX in the ThreadX kernel source, and run the project, when you want to view the trace buffer in TraceX, in e2studio, go to Run->TraceX->Launch TraceX Debugging and enter :

4. Click on OK and e2 studio will download the trace buffer and launch TraceX.

The attached files, at the bottom of the page, show screen shots and trx results for TraceX on Blinky.