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Renesas Synergy Kits and Tools

Latest Updated:09/13/2016

The Renesas Synergy Platform includes a wide selection of kits and tools to help speed your development cycle. Hardware based kits provide a flexible development and debug environment while the associated Synergy Tools simplify complex development tasks.

Renesas Synergy Kits

The Renesas Synergy Platform includes a wide variety of hardware kits with extensive on-board peripherals, associated software drivers and APIs, example designs and complete documentation.

  • Development Kits (DK-) provide a wide selection of peripherals to simplify development of a variety of target applications.
  • Promotion Kits (PK-) are a low cost and easy way to evaluate the Synergy Platform MCUs and the associated development flow.
  • Product Examples (PE-) are complete solutions for targeted application examples and provide a close to production ready platform. (Note that PE's are classified as Synergy Solutions, but are also included on this page for completeness.

The most current documents for Synergy Kits can be found on the documentation tab from this web page:


  • Quick Start Guides- short description of how to start using the kit right out of the box
  • Data Shorts- short description of kit features and capabilities
  • Users Manuals- complete description of kit functionality including schematics

For additional documentation and examples select the download tab from this web page:


  • Schematics- so you can get a head start on your board design
  • Code Examples- so you can get a head start on your software design

Renesas Synergy Tools

The Renesas Synergy Platform includes a wide variety of tools to assist you with your design. An advanced ISDE (Integrated Solution Development Environment) from Renesas, e2 studio, guides the complete development process from preparation, to build and through testing/debugging.

Visit the e2 studio web page for more information on the advanced features available in e2 studio to support Synergy MCU design.



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