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Renesas Synergy™ Platform

Latest Updated:09/05/2017
Renesas Synergy™ Platform
The Renesas Synergy Platform will accelerate your time to market by dramatically simplifying your development tasks.

The key elements of the Synergy platform are the Renesas Synergy™Microcontrollers, Renesas Synergy™Software, Renesas Synergy™Gallery, Renesas Synergy™Tools and Kits and Renesas Synergy™Solutions. The Renesas Synergy Knowledge Base is available to help answer any and all of your questions on the revolutionary Synergy Platform.

As an introduction to the Renesas Synergy Platform, check out the Synergy Xplorer, an interactive overview of all the platform elements:



Once you are more familiar with the Renesas Synergy Platform you can find more detailed descriptions and documentation at the Synergy Platform page here:



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