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ep-relative: E0523066: Inaccurate option/section specification

Latest Updated:02/27/2015


When I define an ep-relative section as shown below, it leads to error E0523066.

#pragma section ep_disp16
int epp;
#pragma section default

E0523066: The combination of the option and section specification is inaccurate.


The problem is that the ep register is used to guarantee a value before and after the function is called. When you define an ep-relative section, specify the -Xep=fix option, since the value of the ep register must be fixed throughout the project.

For CS+, specify the -Xep=fix option with [Fix in project (-Xep=fix)] of [ep-register treatment] in the [Register Mode] category of the [Common Options] tabbed page.

Suitable Products
C Compiler Package for RH850 Family