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Why error occurred for EEL_Init() function when I run the RL78?

Latest Updated:04/04/2014


An error is occured for the EEL_Init() function when I run the following libraries for the RL78 family of MCUs. What might be causing the error?

  • EEPROM Emulation Library Pack01
  • EEPROM Emulation Library Pack02


An initial setting for the EEPROM Emulation Library may be incorrect. Be sure to confirm the values of initial settings before executing a library.
Confirm that correct values have been set for the initial settings with reference to the section “Initial Values to Be Set by User” in the user’s manual for the EEPROM Emulation Library you are using.
Be sure to set the EEL pool size setting in fdl_descriptor.h to the number of blocks in the data flash memory of the RL78 microcontroller you are using.
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