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Why an error message appears when I try to build a project in RL78, 78K0?

Latest Updated:11/25/2014


I am using the CA78K0R compiler for RL78 and 78K0R products. The following error message appears when I try to build a project. How do I eliminate this error?
E7001: The link error was found.


The above error message is output when a link error was found in the analysis of an input file by the vf78k0r information file generator for variables and functions. Although the correct completion of linkage is a precondition for the input of an object to vf78k0r, details of errors cannot be specified so this error message is output.
Re-execute vf78k0r after resolving the linkage error without running vf78k0r.

Use the following procedure to prevent the running of vf78k0r.

  • Select [No] for the [Output variables/functions information file] property on the [Variables/Functions Relocation Options] tabbed page.
  • Select [No] for [Set as build-target] in the [Property] panel of the variable information file (*.vfi) that is shown in the project tree.
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