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What difference does specifying –Xunordered_cmpf to generate code?

Latest Updated:09/04/2015


What difference does specifying the –Xunordered_cmpf option make to the generated code?


It affects code which includes a comparison condition that would generate an invalid operation exception because the values in a floating-point comparison include NaN. The comparison conditions (fcond) of the floating-point comparison instruction (CMPF.S or CMPF.D) are changed as follows.

  Option specification
  Without With
f0 == f1; EQ (2) SEQ (10)
f0 != f1; EQ (2) SEQ (10)
f0 <= f1; OLE (6) LE (14)
f0 >= f1; OLE (6) LE (14)
f0 < f1; OLT (4) LT (12)
f0 > f1; OLT (4) LT (12)
Suitable Products
C Compiler Package for RH850 Family