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Is it OK to create mask file from a HEX file regardless of assembler used?

Latest Updated:09/15/2006


Is it possible to create a mask file from a HEX file, regardless of the assembler used, as long as the target MCU is the 4500 Series and the object file is formatted with Intel HEX format in the following bit alignments:
- Lower 5 bits of hexadecimal word data are placed in addresses 0-3FFF
- Upper 5 bits of hexadecimal word data are placed in addresses 4000-7FFF


Mask processing for 4500 Series MCUs will only work properly if the contents of the hexadecimal data file are the same as that of the Renesas 4-bit MCU Assembler ASM45. Accordingly, the HEX file contents must be the same as the contents of the HEX file below, as created with the ASM45.

1. Hexadecimal data is split between the upper and lower 5 bits, and output by the lower bits first, then the upper bits.

2. The lower 5 bits are placed in address 0000h to 3FFFh. The upper bits are placed in addresses 4000h to 7FFFh.

3. "1" is set to the upper 3 bits of each hexadecimal data.


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