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How to program in-circuit emulator to the on-chip flash memory?

Latest Updated:12/01/2011


I tried to write a program that was confirmed with the in-circuit emulator to the on-chip flash memory and execute it.
However, it did not work.


The reason why operation is achieved with the in-circuit emulator but not with the actual device is often a problem of clock oscillation and insufficient reset time at power-on.

Check whether any problems exist in the clock oscillation and that the reset time is sufficient for the power supply to reach the operation voltage range at power-on.

If no problem is detected with the above check, this may be a case in which a variable not initialized (contents of RAM) is referenced and its value differs between the in-circuit emulator and the device.
The in-circuit emulator, operates using its own internal power supply, instead of the power supply from the system.
So, also check to see if any problems (particularly noise problems) exist in the system power supply.
Suitable Products
V850 Family