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Can mask process be performed even several data share the same address?

Latest Updated:09/15/2006


Can the mask process be performed even when several data share the same address?


No. When the MM creates a mask file, it does not verify the contents of the program, so this kind of hexadecimal data file will be made into a mask file. However, when the ROM mask process is performed, an error will occur and the process will be terminated.
When multiple data are assigned to the same address, an error will occur during the link.
On the other hand, the Renesas compilers and assemblers listed below will create the hexadecimal data file while issuing a warning.
ASM72, ASM45, SRA74, RASM77, NC77WA
If the linker issues a warning due to multiple data at one address, please do not use the generated hexadecimal data file to make a mask file.
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