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Why does the error messsage "0100(F) Cannot communicate with the in circuit emulator" occur?

Last Updated:11/14/2017


When the debugger is started up, I receive the following error message:

0100(F) Cannot communicate with the in-circuit emulator.

I checked to see if the device driver of the interface board was correctly installed.
It seems like this phenomenon occurs when 5-6 of JP7 are shorted.


In the case you describe, there is a high likelihood that the communication cannot be performed.
JP7 is related to the setting of where the ICE clock is taken from.
When 1-2 of JP7 are connected, the clock from the main board of IE-78K0-NS is used (therefore the OSMS setting loses its meaning), and when 5-6 are connected, the clock from the emulation board is used.

In this case, the clock in the emulation board must operate normally.
If the clock in the emulation board is not normal, the in-circuit emulator itself does not operate normally, so communication is not possible and an error message such as the one above is output.

Referring to the emulation board manual, check whether there is a problem with the clock-related settings, and also whether the clock in the emulation board is normal.

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