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Why do an error occur when I erase the flash memory using H8S/H8SX?

Latest Updated:03/14/2008


I am currently using the H8S/H8SX external flash memory write function, but an error is generated when I erase the Flash memory. The Flash memory is allocated except for Area CS0.


When areas other than CS0 are allocated, please keep the following in mind.

  • The bus control register, etc. need to be set in order to access areas other than CS0. First create an initialization routine, and then set the bus control register, etc.
  • If the Flash memory you are using employs the JEDEC method, the Addr (address section) of the erase and write routines will need to be corrected (add the top address of the Flash memory to the original Addr). Follow the instructions in the application note to correct the value of Addr (address section).
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