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Why are the Interface and Channel field empty when I start up HEW?

Latest Updated:03/31/2009


When I start up the HEW, the Interface and Channel fields in the Driver Details dialog box are empty. Why?


When nothing is displayed in the Interface or Channel fields in the Driver Details dialog, as shown immediately below,

confirm that the driver is properly installed by referencing the Device Manager while the E10A-USB is connected. If the driver is installed, the Device Manger window will show the entry circled in red.

If, however, the driver is not installed, re-connect E10A-USB. After a short period, the Add New Hardware Wizard will appear in the window. Follow the wizard instructions to install the driver. Note that the Add New Hardware Wizard may take several minutes to appear in the window; please be patient.
If the driver is already installed, try re-booting the PC and then re-starting the High-performance Embedded Workshop.

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