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What is the method for measuring the run time of a program on E10A-USB?

Latest Updated:03/16/2011


What is the method for measuring the run time of a program on E10A-USB?


There are two methods available for measuring program run time.

  1. Run Time Count function method
    From the menu, select [View] → [CPU] → [Status] to open the [Status] window. In the [Status] window, select the [Platform] tab.
    The run time, from program execution start to stop, is displayed under Run Time Count.

    However, the run time displayed here is measured by the computer’s timer, which can only measure up to milliseconds.
    In addition, the E10A-USB software processing time is included in the run time.

  2. Performance function method (note)
    Using the Performance function allows you to measure the number of execution cycles, which can be used to calculate the run time in the following manner.

    Run time = number of measured execution cycles X execution cycle time

    For more information concerning this method, refer to the details on performance measurement function and performance analysis in the “E10A-USB Emulator Additional Document for User’s Manual.

    Note: Some H8S family and other MCUs do not support the performance function. If the MCU you are using does have the performance function, please refer to the additional information available in PDF files at the following url.
    (See section entitled, “E10A-USB Debugging Function Information: Performance Function.”)
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