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Undershoot at the E1 FINED pin

Last Updated:05/10/2017


When I use the E1/E20/E2Lite emulator, an undershoot/overshoot occurs in signals of the MCU communication line (such as JTAG).
Would it be a problem if I continue to use the product as it is?


We think the emulator and MCU are not likely to fail immediately because the occurrence of an undershoot/overshoot is not constant. However, if the level of an undershoot/overshoot exceeds the absolute maximum rating, consider implementing the following workaround:

- Insert a damping resistor into the communication line with the MCU.

 * The connection example in the E1/E20/E2Lite manual precludes the use of a damping resistor. However, a resistor of a value that causes no harm in communication between emulator and MCU (several tens of ohms, such as 22 Ω or 33 Ω) can be used.
Suitable Products
E2 Lite
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