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The FAQs on using the E1/E20 emulator in the CS+ environment

Latest Updated:04/26/2017


The FAQs on using the E1/E20 emulator in the CS+ environment


See the following FAQs.

Please confirm each item of [Notes on Using the E1/E20 Emulator] on the [E1/E20 Emulator Additional Document for User's Manual], if it is "these are not helpful" or "problem is not on the list".
You can download [E1/E20 Emulator Additional Document for User's Manual] from here.

Summary of Problem Suitable
Detail of Problem FAQ No
An error message appears E1/E20 RX,RL78
Error message is displayed, and debugging is stopped. 1010248
RX A communication error occurs. 1010530
Various problems in debugging E1/E20 RX The CRC-CCITT result calculated by the optimizing linkage editor function does not match the CRC-CCITT result calculated by the CRC calculator which is incorporated in the RX MCU. 1010544
RL78 The expected result of the CRC calculation (the value created during the build process) is different from the value obtained after downloading the program 1010577
All MCUs "?" is displayed in the display of watch expressions. 1011181
All MCUs Orange lines which indicate where it is possible to set a breakpoint appear in the comment-out parts of a program. 1011182
Failure of a program to run E1/E20 RX The program does not operate correctly. 1010675
RX On the user system as a stand-alone unit, a program will not run as I would expect. 1011217
RL78 When executing a ROMized load module in the CS+ environment, program execution stops at the _rcopy function and the program cannot be debugged. 1010234
RL78 When a program runs with the microcontroller alone, it does not operate as intended. 1010543
All MCUs Although the program is operating in CS+ (debug tool) after it was downloaded, the actual circuit board is not operating. 1010759
Problems with various settings and windows in CS+ E1/E20 RL78 The value of the on-chip debug option byte is not disabling on-chip debug operation. 1010546
RL78,78K0R I attempted to change the location of the debug monitor area for the debugger. However, the new setting is not reflected. 1010542
RX Data access information is not displayed on the Trace panel. 1010569
RX I cannot refer to contents of the external address space in the memory panel. 1011514
All MCUs The "emulator serial No." is not correctly displayed. 1010196
Problems in downloading a program E1/E20 RL78 Downloading programs after making the setting of flash ROM to be erased before download, the data flash area is not erased. 1010231
Suitable Products
CS+ (formerly CubeSuite+)
E1 [R0E000010KCE00]
E20 [R0E000200KCT00]