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Saving configuration details (SH Family,E10A-USB)

Last Updated:2/21/2017


I configured the use of external flash programming on a SH family product with the E10A-USB. I did this by visiting to [Setup ->Emulator ->System...],  [Loading flash memory] page and checked the [Configuration] dialog box. Why doesn’t the system save the details of the configuration?


If you are running the emulator after selecting [Reset CPU], [Go] and [Reset Go] from the [Debug] menu to make the connection, the configuration details will not be saved.

To properly configure the external flash using the E10A-USB emulator, follow the procedures described in 4.4, Connecting the Emulator, and 4.5, Reconnecting the Emulator in the user's manual for the SuperHTM Family E10A-USB Emulator.

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