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How to get the ACT LED on the E8a to go on?

Latest Updated:07/31/2008


I can't get the ACT LED on the E8a to go on.


If the ACT LED doesn't go on when E8a is connected to the PC through the USB connection in an environment that you have been successfully using the E8a in up to now, this usually indicates that the fuse in the E8a is out. If, on the other hand, you connect the E8a in another environment and the ACT LED goes on, this could mean that the USB driver is not correctly installed. Please check the USB driver.

For details concerning causes of fuse failure, refer to Section 3.7 "Connecting System Ground" in the E8a User's Manual.

Note that the ACT LED may light up on when a power source other than the user system is used even when, as described in Section 3.7, only the frame ground is connected to the user system (not both the signal ground and frame ground). In these conditions, even when the ACT LED is on, proper operation of the E8a cannot be guaranteed. As the user cannot replace the fuse, you will need to either send it in for repairs or buy a new unit.
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