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How to download data to block A area when using E8/E8a_M16C/60_M16C/Tiny_M16C/50

Last Updated:10/18/2017


Although I downloaded data to the block A area for a MCU of M16C/60, M16C/Tiny, and M16C/50 series (flash memory version) using the E8/E8a, I cannot read data.


The initial value of the block A area (F000h to FFFFh) is disabled due to the MCU specification.
To set the block A area to enable, set the PM10 bit in the processor mode register 1 to enable (“1”) the block A.

The block A area is enabled temporarily (actually, the PM10 bit in the processor mode register to 1 is set automatically) when downloading by using the E8/E8a. Because of this, you can download data without any setting for the PM10 bit.

When using E8a emulator software of V.1.02 Release 00 or later, click the MCU Setting tab on Emulator Setting Dialog Box, and then check the "PM10 (b0 of 000005H) is '1'" on, otherwise the following message appears.

Invalid address value.
Memory area error. It is outside the effective address range.

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