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FAQ portal site for E8a/E8 Know-How

Last Updated:11/15/2017


The FAQ portal site for E8a/E8 Know-How.


Helpful information for using the E8a emulator is listed below. If you are facing any trouble, the FAQ portal sites for troubleshooting or error message are available.

Category Suitable Emulator Suitable
Description FAQ NO.
Basic Information/ 
E8a All It is my first time to develop an application using the E8a emulator and the High-performance Embedded Workshop.
Can you tell me which documents will help me? Are there any information as references?
E8a/E8 Can the E8/E8a Emulator be used on a computer that runs on an English OS? 106614
H8 Family Can I use old compiler packages in the E8a, E8 or E7 emulator? 102342
E8 All I am currently using E8. Will E8 be able to debug new MCUs even after E8a is available? 106663
Target board Design/
E8a/E8 All What is the correct wiring connection between the MCU and E8 or E8A? 106956
Is an emulator adversely affected in anyway if a signal is input to the NC (non-connect) pin on the connector? 107341
E8a All Please provide the usage notes concerning connection methods between E8a and the target system. 1000315
R8C Family the value of a pull-up resistor to be connected to the MODE pin of the MCU is specified as 4.7 kΩ ± 10% in the hardware manual. Can I use a value other than this for pull-up? 107358
M16C Family Is there a connector for converting the FoUSB 10-pins to the E8a 14-pins? 107048
Basic Functions/
E8a/E8 All What are the differences between the three activation modes? 1000064
Concerning use of emulators E8a, E8, E10A-USB and E10T-USB, can several emulators (either several of the same type or a combination of types), be used on one PC ? 107342
ID Code E8a/E8 All A dialog box appears asking for an ID code. What should I enter here? 101717
E8 R8C Family How are ID codes handled? 106937
E8a How are ID codes handled? 106887
Programming Functions E8a/E8 All How is the checksum value calculated in the Writing Flash Memory mode? 102359
Is it possible to startup the E8a or E8 emulator in the "Program Flash" mode and download (write) several load modules (mot files)? 107032
E8a What are the differences in checksum calculation functions between the High-performance Embedded Workshop environment with the emulator E1, E20 or E8a and the Flash Development Tool Kit(FDT) environment? 1000475
What is the difference between the E8a emulator’s flash memory write function in “flash memory data write” mode and the flash memory write function in the Flash Development Toolkit? 1009882
Advanced Usages E8a/E8 All Can I record the history of updating of RAM values during program-execution by using debug functions of the High-performance Embedded Workshop? 1000111
I measured the run time of my program using the Run Time Count function. However, is it possible to get an even more precise measurement? 107349
H8 Family When I try to write to the I/O register in the HEW memory window or I/O register window, read is also automatically performed. Is there any way to write to the register without reading it? 106660
Migration to E1/E20 E8a R8C Family If the emulator is changed to E1 or E20, can I use the development environment for the R8C family used in E8a without change? 1010260
E8a All I have to update the E8a firmware every time I connect it to the Flash Development Toolkit to switch to the flash write operation after debug, and vice versa for the High-performance Embedded Workshop. Is there any way to work around this? 1009845
R8C Family Warning : Watchdog timer is a setup to start. Check the value of address 0xFFFF. 1000117
Warning: The register (FFDBh) value was changed from xxh to xFh by emulator debugger to control the emulator.
Warning: The register (FFDBh) value is xxh. Please confirm the register value.
Why are these warnings displayed?
E8a/E8 M16C Family Although flash programming is performed in the E8/E8a "Program Flash" mode, can this also be used when programming for mass-production, or is there a different method? 106580
M16C, R8C Family Usage notes and restrictions for debugging a project in the NC30WA V.6 compiler environment that has already been debugged in the NC30WA V.5 compiler environment 1009870
R8C Family Is using the UART1 function not possible when debugging with the E8 or E8a emulator? 1010245