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Error message-Flash memory write error Change device

Last Updated:09/27/2017


Error message "Flash memory write error! Change device" is displayed when I attempted to execute(Go) a program which was downloaded to FlashROM by E10A emulator for SH family microcontroller. Why is the message displayed even though the maximum number of FlashROM rewritable times has not been exceeded.


This error may be generated when writing (or elimination) to FlashROM has not been performed normally. The biggest cause is miss specification of clock . A "system clock" is required to be input at the time of HDI start-up of the E10A emulator, and it is the "clock" used for FlashROM writing. Please make sure that a "system clock" is correct.

A "system clock" is an operating frequency of the CPU. For example, in case of inputting 10MHz to a clock , and operating CPU at a speed about quadruple, "system clock" becomes 40MHz. Moreover, when using SH7047F, FWP terminal must be set to low at the time of program download from the E10A emulator to FlashROM.

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